Ok. You’ve read the transcript. Now you have to see the video clip of Jon Stewart kicking Crossfire’s ass. It’s amazing. Truly. The sad part? They could have taken him up on his rant. They could have spent the whole half hour talking about media integrity and theatre – instead, the hosts tried very hard to make Stewart be “funny.” Stewart realized he was on CNN – not Comedy Central – but Crossfire was hosting an entertainment show, not news. It’s cool to see the way Stewart chose to play it – a lot of lines that you read as being “funny” in the transcript had some dead-pan delivery. Great stuff.

And, for your continued mixed-bag enjoyment, check out this stellar BORG My Little Pony. It so totally rocks. I’m so going to commission one of these things once I’ve got a real house. Check out the abode of the MLP customizer here.

And, for those tired of the same-old-pumpkin this year (I carved Pumpkin the Mighty this weekend), check out these Xtreme pumpkins and hack, drown, dress, and roll over this year’s Great Pumpkin.

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